Companies starting with D

Down on the Farm Gourmet Free Range

• Farms are independently audited. 
• The use of antibiotics and growth hormones is not specified.
• Stocking density indoors must not exceed 12 birds per square metre.
• There are no limits for outdoor stocking densities in the standards.
• Beak trimming and wing clipping are permitted

Demeter (Bio-Dynamic)

• Farms and abattoirs are independently audited.  
• Antibiotics and growth promoting hormones are not permitted.  
• Animals have access to pasture.
• Feedlots, farrowing crates, sow stalls and cages are not permitted.
• Stocking densities need to support local conditions and allow constant pasture coverage.

Although Demeter standards allow nose-ringing and teeth clipping, Demeter have stipulated this practice does not occur.