Pasture Perfect

Pasture Perfect pork is certified by the Organic Food Chain.  Their free range and organic standards include, 

• It is not specified if farms are independently audited.
• All pigs are under free range conditions and have access to dirt during the day.
• Antibiotics and growth promoting hormones are not permitted.
• Certified to national and international organic standards.
• Pastures which animals have access to must be free from the use of prohibited treatments (pesticides and herbicides and any related residues in the soil).
• Farrowing crates are not permitted.  Sows may be contained to prevent damage to piglets but must still have access to outdoors and allowed to range.
• Tail docking, teeth clipping, tusk trimming and nose ringing are prohibited.

Organic Food Chain certification includes National organic standards.  More information can be found on Organic Food Chain's website.  


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