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Scottsdale Pork

Scottsdale Pork is advertised as 'paddock bred', or bred free rangeScottsdale Pork's Free Range Certifier is unknown at this time. 

Scottsdale Pork advertised the following standards:

• No growth promotants, steroids or hormones are used.
• Gestating sows are group housed in large shelters.  Farrowing sows are kept in paddocks with small straw-bedded enclosures.  Piglets are reared in paddocks until weaning, when they are housed in groups in large shelters.

We have contacted Scottsdale Pork asking them to complete a survey for the consumer guide and are yet to recieve a response.  Please contact Scottsdale Pork if you would like to know who certifies their free range products.


  • Street: 34835 Tasman Hwy
  • City: Scottsdale
  • State: Tasman
  • Postcode: 7260
  • Telephone: 036352 2696

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