About Us


Our Aims

The online consumer guide to animal welfare labelling was developed to provide transparency to a competitive market and provide consumers with information they can use to make informed purchasing decisions.

The online consumer guide aims to:

  • Collect and present information on Australian welfare certifications and standards in a collective and public forum.
  • Increase transparency around the standards supporting welfare labels.
  • Provide consumers easy access to information to enable them to make informed purchasing decisions.

About Us

Humane Society International (HSI) concentrates on the preservation of endangered animals and ecosystems and works to ensure quality of life for all animals, both domestic and wild. HSI is the largest animal protection not-for-profit organisation in the world, with over 10 million supporters globally and has been established in Australia since 1994.

HSI are happy to provide hard copies of the survey to complete and update the table with your Standard’s information.  Alternatively, the survey can be completed online.

HSI are working hard to campaign for better Truth in Labelling.  If you wish to help us through a donation please click here.


All information provided has been supplied by the labels and schemes referenced.  HSI do not claim that the consumer guide should be used as the authoritative source for consumer choice.  It has been designed to encourage people to evaluate information for themselves. HSI is not accountable for any errors in the consumer guide.  All information has been sourced directly from standards and certifiers. This site is a work in progress. We will continue to add standards and improve our guide as we collect more data. We welcome any suggestions on how to improve it.

HSI has no sponsorship, approval, association or affliation with the Australian cattle, pigs, sheep, poultry, and egg producers referred to on this website.  The information contained in respect to these producers is publicly available and is sourced from the producers or other third parties for information purposes only.  HSI does not review the accuracy of this information or make any recommendation or endorsement of any producer listed here.

Humane Choice has met criteria set by HSI as a standard for humane treatment of animals.